Why Us?

Look, if you don’t know us at all, we’re unlikely to convince you of our quality in a few words here.

So maybe get to know us a little – check out what people say about us, follow us on LinkedIn, write us an email, book a call. These are really the best ways to get a sense of who we are and what we do.

But just to give us a little bit of initial credibility, here’s some information.


I (dropping the royal We for a moment here) did my A Levels at the age of 15. When I was 15, I also got a place to read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford.

The single most important thing I learned at Oxford was this: there are just as many idiots at Oxford as anywhere else.

Before I went, I was intimidated by the idea of Oxford and elite universities in general. They must be special and the people there must all be geniuses.

Once I went, I never thought that again.

Unfortunately, though, these things do confer some kind of stamp that people take seriously. So, for whatever it’s worth:

I studied at Oxford.

I lectured at Princeton.

I have worked and given talks at universities across Europe, the USA and Asia.

Academic Rigour

Everything we do at The Philosophy Practice comes out of decades of experience of researching and teaching at universities around the world.

Our work is rooted in the tradition and insights of philosophy. This is a rigorous body of skills and knowledge: it is not for nothing we call it a discipline.

Which is to say, we’re not just pulling this stuff out of our ass.

We’re offering knowledge and insights distilled from 3000 years of hard thinking by some of the finest minds that humanity has ever known.

Past Performance

We have outstanding feedback from our clients.

In a previous incarnation, our clients were students. Our student testimonials were consistently outstanding: at least once a semester, someone would write that the class had been life-changing.

This stuff matters because there’s a difference between being an expert in X and an expert at teaching X – the testimonials show we can deliver our expertise in ways that land.