We offer consultancy services based on our subject matter expertise in the following areas:



Meaningful Work



What We Do

We’re philosophers. We’re good at thinking, and we know a lot about some specific philosophical concepts and questions.

So that’s what we focus on.

Through our advisory service, we improve your institutional knowledge and the quality of your thinking on the themes that we’re experts in.

What We Don’t Do

We don’t tell you how to run your business.

We don’t tell you how to make more money.

We don’t implement programs.

We don’t manage projects for you.

We don’t bullshit you.

Use Case: Purpose Alignment

How do you get everyone in your company aligned with your corporate purpose?

We help you do that by transforming the conventional understanding of purpose.

Based on a decade of academic research, we use our proprietary Meaning Map to show you opportunities and methods for alignment that the usual approaches miss.

Use Case: Well-Being Program

You have a well-being program that you want to improve.

We can step in and evaluate it in a fundamental way.

We look at things like: How are you defining well-being? Are other definitions potentially more useful? What are the assumptions of your program and what do they make you systematically blind to?

We then combine this with insights from academic research to show you where, how and why your well-being program is doing well – and where it could do better.