The concept of our training programs is simple: to achieve high performance, you need to address all four dimensions of human activity: cognitive, emotional, social, and systemic.

In our programs, we first separately address each key dimension of high performance in a dedicated workshop, in which participants gain experience, knowledge and skills relevant to that particular dimension. 

The program is then crowned by a final synthesis workshop, in which participants are facilitated through a process where they consolidate their learnings into a powerful and practical set of personally meaningful and actionable takeaways.

Our programs include the option of extensive post-training support through check-ins and coaching to further drive high performance.

Collective Intelligence

This program helps teams and organizations leverage the power of groups to drive high performance at the collective level.

Outcomes include:

– learning how to make better decisions

– developing problem-solving skills

– more engagement, belonging, safety and trust.


This program trains the cognitive and emotional skills required for innovative thinking, teaches teams how to leverage diversity to multiply creativity, and helps leaders understand the systemic factors that drive innovation.

Outcomes include:

– learning how to overcome inner barriers to creativity

– understanding how groups can drive innovation

– learning how systems can help or hinder innovation


Self-mastery is the necessary foundation for leadership, and this program begins by training the cognitive and emotional skills required to develop self-mastery. It then builds on this foundation by training how to lead in groups and how to lead in organizations.Our workshops are offered both in-person and online.

Outcomes include:

– learning essential skills for self-mastery

– learning how to be an inclusive and effective leader in groups, with and without formal authority or power

– understanding how to lead in complex systems

Practical Details

The programs consist of 5 half-day workshops.

The workshops in each program are available separately (apart from the synthesis workshop).

They can be delivered via in-person / online / hybrid.

The maximum group size is 20 people (for larger groups we only do bespoke work).


We have extensive experience in the design and delivery of tailored learning journeys on a range of topics related to organizational culture, innovation, and leadership. This experience informs our approach.

We design highly interactive learning experiences.

We deliver experience-driven workshops, allowing participants to apply the theory to their own realities, receive feedback, and learn from others.

We create conditions that allow us to go deeper, to the places where learning can cause real change. 

We emphasise practical application: better a small insight that is practiced daily than a major revelation that is never used.

We aim to create connection, deliver knowledge, and teach skills. 

Above all, we aim to help people realise their unique potential.