Luisa Schwab

Associate Producer, Fever Labs, Inc

I highly recommend Pranay’s consultancy! When I was struggling with making an important career and life path decision, Pranay did an amazing job in offering guidance and support. He helped me piece together the fragments of all the things influencing the decision and managed to help me clarify my priorities and values with only asking a few questions.

Furthermore, despite our conversation being relatively short, Pranay was able to help me get to the bottom of my anxieties surrounding the decision and separate them from what I truly wanted to do. Thanks to him, I now feel much more secure and empowered to make important life decisions without being driven by fear and outside expectations.

Generally, Pranay is an approachable and empathic consultant who genuinely cares about his clients’ well-being. I’m so grateful for his help and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking guidance and support in their personal or professional life.

Anonymous Feedback

“Fabulous event. The only reason why I gave a 9 is that this would have been so much more effective if it was done over at least 3hrs or maybe even a smaller group. Dr. Pranay is a brilliant mind!”


“Good experience!”

“It was thought provoking and fulfilling for my business, personal life and for my soul.”

“Made philosophy very relevant.”

“It’s really an amazing event & really thought provoking.”

“Really very good”

“Started a new string of thoughts!”

“It was a great start for the year. Although I think topic like these should be given more time as it requires lot of thought and deliberation.”

“The speaker himself was so open and willing to be vulnerable that it immediately puts you in a trust zone and you are willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone and be vulnerable. Good resource.”

Eleonora, University of Graz

I would honestly recommend this workshop to anyone, because there will be a time where you don’t know what your role in the universe is, and this is how you get the tools to find out.

Yes, the workshop addressed some of my thoughts about the life in academia and showed me how nuanced the experience can be. But the real bonus were your comments on different situations and your stories. I am very thankful that you were so transparent to mention your therapy, your house hunt and your examples from how academia can be challenging. It made the whole workshop feel more relaxed and comforting, knowing we all have our things that other people don’t see. And a quote that stayed in my mind was to ‘learn how to be okay with complexity’.

I think probably during the last years I completely forgot that I am my own human being on this Earth and the only person that I have to make proud is me. And in that moment, I was really proud of the things I achieved. That sounds cheesy, but you really do forget about it so easily. So I have to thank you for this thought, because this is something we also mentioned at the workshop.

I would honestly recommend this workshop to anyone, because there will be a time where you don’t know what your role in the universe is, and this is how you get the tools to find out.

Nimmy Prasad


I met Pranay around the time I was facing quite a bit of confuson with my life and what I wanted to do with it, my personal Why, what I thought I would find rewarding and meaningful. He was a great resource for me through this discovery process.

I really appreciated his openness and lack of judgment. I knew he was listening and felt safe in sharing my thoughts and feelings. Pranay was also fantastic at asking the right questions to lead me to think for myself, in a deeper manner. I’ve learnt a lot with him and I’m grateful for his help as well as continued receptiveness to talk anytime.