Our “Thinking About” Seminars

Our “Thinking About” seminars are focused deep-dives on specific concepts and themes.

They are opportunities to ask hard questions, to pursue trains of thought, to pause and reflect on where you’re going, and why, and whether you should be going there at all.

They are opportunities to wonder: is the emperor really wearing new clothes?

As with everything we do, they are opportunities to think.

Thinking About …

We offer seminars based on subject-matter expertise on the following themes:

Thinking about … Thinking

Thinking about … Purpose

Thinking about … Meaningful Work

Thinking about … Well-being

Thinking about … Ethics

How the Seminars Work

The work of the seminar starts before the seminar – the first thing we do is listen to you to understand your context and interests.

What do you want to think harder about? Why? What do you hope to achieve by doing it?

Once we’ve identified what you care about, we figure out how to deliver it to you. The details are going to vary a lot depending on what you care about and what you want to achieve. But there are some universal features of our seminars, namely:

We’ve been the victims of many lectures and one-sided PowerPoint presentations. We believe there are better ways to think together. So we don’t lecture. Our seminars make extensive use of the Socratic method – in the modern parlance, they are extremely interactive.

We cultivate a setting where all thoughts are allowed, and where all thoughts can be challenged.

We create an atmosphere where making “mistakes” is encouraged, because what we’re really after is the truth – we’re invested in improving our beliefs, not in making ourselves look good.

A Note On Bullshit

The subjects we offer seminars on are important but you cannot talk or think about them in the way in which you can talk about mathematical theorems.

This creates room for bullshitters to flourish. And by god do they flourish.

There is clearly an audience for the bullshit. But we’re not catering to that audience.

We’re speaking to people who are tired of the bullshit and of platitudes masquerading as wisdom.

We’re speaking to people who want to think about purpose and well-being and meaning – but with rigour and discipline.

We’re speaking to people who want a corrective to the unending ocean of boiling bullshit that one encounters in the business space.

If that sounds like you, get in touch.

Practical Details

Our seminars are offered both in-person and online.

The minimum length of a seminar is 3 hours. There is no maximum length.

We design and run a seminar for you. Each seminar is bespoke and unique.

The prices vary depending on the length, format and aims. And they vary so much that it isn’t useful to provide an indicative range.

But still, we aim to help, so: for a 3 hour seminar we’re generally talking about something in the €2500 – €5000 range (plus tax and travel costs).