Why Improve Thinking Skills?

Honestly, why would you not want to improve your thinking skills?

We’re not going to do the hard sell. In fact, we’re not going to do any kind of sell.

If you see no value in improving thinking skills, carry right on. We are not suited to working with each other.

If you do see the value, then a natural question to ask is: Why should you believe we’ll be good at doing this?

Our Workshops

We help you improve thinking skills in specific areas by delivering the following workshops.

Thinking Bootcamp: Level Up Your Thinking

The Art and Science of Making Compelling Arguments

Thinking in Uncertainty: What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

Extraordinary Science and Paradigm Shifts: Creative Thinking for the 21st Century

Beyond Thinking: The Limits of Reason and the Usefulness of Emotion

How the Workshops Work

Our workshops always have a practical purpose: attending one should make a difference to people’s lives.

We aim to help people learn skills and gain insights that they can use on a day-to-day basis.

Everyone has had the experience of being lectured at for an hour. No one wants that. It’s boring and it’s unproductive. We don’t do that.

The way we deliver our workshops is based on decades of teaching experience. They are highly interactive and, to use a technical term, not-boring.

There is no bullshit or filler.

There is no pretence to having found the secret to eternal life / wisdom / love. We simply teach things that are useful without claiming that they are universal panaceas.

Practical Details

Our workshops are offered both in-person and online.

The workshops can be adjusted to be between 90 minutes and 4 hours in length.

If you want something longer, then we prefer to design something bespoke for you.

Even for our standard workshops, in fact, we like to work with you to tailor the workshop to your context so that you’re getting maximum benefit out of it.

The prices vary depending on the length, format and aims. But to give you some orientation, €1500 – €3000 plus tax and (where relevant) travel costs is a ballpark figure.