What We Do

We work with our clients to create strategy for an uncertain world.

Our skill lies in creating collaborative strategic discovery journeys that combine external insights with internal wisdom.

We believe in collaboration, collective intelligence, and the power of action and experimentation.

We focus on emergent strategy, on adaptability, on creating strategic processes and visions that iterate and improve.

Strategic Discovery

A good way to illustrate our strategic discovery service is with reference to AI.

Here are 2 things that we think are true:

1) AI is going to completely change your business, your industry, and the world.

2) Anyone who tells you they know what the change will be how and how and when it will happen is lying to you.

Given those two premises, it makes no sense for us to tell you how the world is going to be and what you should do about it.

What does make sense is to co-create a strategic discovery process for figuring out what your organisation needs to do.

Which is exactly what we offer.

We use a simple and powerful 4-step process to help organisations discover and decide how to respond to situations characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Strategic Dissent

Groupthink is real, and it systematically reduces the quality of an organisation’s decisions.

People being wary of conflict is real, and systematically reduces the quality of an organisation’s decisions.

People telling their bosses what they think their bosses want to hear is real, and systemically reduces the quality of an organisation’s decisions.

We offer a strategic dissent service to help you overcome these issues.

This service takes many different forms depending on need. It could mean a one-off intervention in an important meeting, or a rigorously researched report setting out the case for why one of your most important strategic decisions will be a mistake, or a systematic intervention in processes and culture.

But whatever the form, all the interventions deliver the same outcomes: better strategic choices.